Quality community theater on Boston’s North Shore

Suburban Holidays Ten

By James C. Ferguson, Eric Weil, David Beardsley, Dwayne Yancey & Tofer Carlson
Directed by: Donna Corbett, Nick Gould, Mary Ellen Macri, Chris Rose & Glenn Wakeley
Produced by: Nick Gould
Production Dates: December 3, 4, 5, 10 & 11 2021
Cast: Actors by Show below

Six short plays to kick off the 2021 holiday season!

Don’t Be A Scrooge By James C. Ferguson

Featuring Stephen Russo, Brian Sensale, Kris Reynolds, Celia Sensale, Henry Myatt & Paul Myatt


The Sweet Wine of Your Kisses by Eric Weil

Featuring Jason Myatt, Kim Myatt, Ann-Marie King & Tara Brownson


Christmas Crime Scene by David Beardsley

Featuring Nathaniel Foley, Angela Rossi, Spencer O’Dowd & voice over by Martha Chamberlain


A Zombie Christmas By Dwayne Yancey

Featuring Shawn Maguire, Barbara Bourgeois, Sam Fisher & Jaime Hennessey


The Whale Story of Thanksgiving by Tofer Carlson

Featuring Jon Nuquist, Brogan Kelly, Alex Neville & Hanna Burnett


The Last Christmas Tree by Amanda O’Donnell

Featuring Lazuli Clark, Caitlin O’Brien, Karissa Vincent, Moira Beale & Lennie Chasse