Quality community theater on Boston’s North Shore

Suburban Holidays Memories

Directed by: Donna Corbett, David Dooks, Nick Gould, Joan Luz Holt
Produced by: Donna Corbett
Production Dates: November 23 – December 1, 2018
Cast: Patty Bianchet, Lenny Chasse, Eric David, Ben Delatizky, Wendy Feign, Jenny Fielding, Michelle Fisher, Samantha Fisher, Kathryn Gluck, Margaret Healey, Blair Howell, Eric Linebarger, Mary Ellen Macri, Shawn Maguire, Jon Nuquist, John Pease, Katie Pickett, Al Pirnie, Chrissy Lewis Pirnie, Bobby Ringuette, Chris Rose, Ed Siegel, Tom Sprague, Phyllis Uloth, Chris Vander Rhodes, and Glenn Wakeley

12 Days by Johnny Kuntz
Away in a Manger by John Minigan
A Bit of Holiday Magic by Adam Heroux
The Family Plot by Amanda O’Donnell
Heading Toward Tiki Village by Deirdre Girard
The Kid in the Lid by Glenn Wakeley
A Reading Thanksgiving by David Vazdauskas
Round John Virgin by Lisa Burdick
Silent Night by Walt Vail


Stage Manager: Judy Forgione
Lighting Design: Mike McTeague
Sound Design: Nick Gould
Costume Design: Donna Corbett & Joan Luz-Holt

Original Music: Valerie Forgione

Photography: Jon Sachs