Quality community theater on Boston’s North Shore

Sordid Lives

By Del Shores
Directed by: Patrick Cleary
Production Dates: March 21 0 April 5, 2014
Cast: Valerie Forgione, Steve Atwater, Kay Gross, Tamara Cacchione,  Amy Cook, Joan Luz-Holt, Barbara Dempsey-West, Peter Sofronas, Shawn F. Maguire, Jon Nuquist, Elizabeth Sheeran, John Pease & Michael Cherone.

Del Shores’ cult classic is billed as a ‘a black comedy about white trash.’  The story starts when Peggy, a good Christian woman, hits her head o the sink and bleeds to death after tripping over her lover’s wooden legs in a motel room.  It leads to chaos erupting in Winter Texas!  See the program.

Photography: Jon Sachs