Quality community theater on Boston’s North Shore


By Vera Caspary and Georg Sklar
Directed by: Ben Delatizky
Production Dates: October 7- 22, 2016
Cast: John Ardini, Amy Cook, Jenny Fielding, Nick Gould, Anthony Huntington, Rachel Rabinovitz, and Brian Shea

Laura was the ideal modern woman: beautiful, elegant, highly ambitious and mysterious. No man could resist her charms—not even the tough, respected NYPD detective investigating who killed her so viciously. As he investigates the case he gets to know her through the three men who loved her: the mentor, the fiancé and the infatuated music student. The detective is mesmerized by her portrait, and finds himself seduced by her. Then there is a storm, and the murder mystery takes a new turn! Who was really murdered? Who is the murderer? And why?

Photography: Jon Sachs