Quality community theater on Boston’s North Shore

California Suite

by Neil Simon

Director: John Pease
Production Dates: April 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 15, & 16 2022
Audition Dates: January 30 & 31 with Callbacks if needed February 2, 2022

Simon has given us four playlets telling the stories of the different people who have stayed in the Suite 203-04. There are visitors from four cities – New York, Philadelphia, London and Chicago – and all with a story to tell in Simon style!

There is a divorced couple quarreling over their daughter’s life; a businessman who wakes up to find a prostitute in his bed moments before his wife arrives; and a British couple with a marriage of convenience and lot of anxiety! Then there are two affluent couples who are best friends taking a much-needed vacation together. Until it is not such a good idea!

A perfect mix of Simon’s humor. He adapted his play a 1978 feature film of the same name directed by Herbert Ross.

Ages for all characters are 30’s to 50’s but this is not etched in stone.

Hannah – typical corporate feminist woman. Has a gruff exterior but underneath she is vulnerable.

Billy – Is a man who has experienced a mid-life crisis & has found his new self. He is happy & secure in his new life. He does revert back slightly while trading barbs with ex-wife Hannah.
Marvin – a middle class Jewish family man that lives by his daily routine. Until this one incident. He is normally a very devoted husband.

Millie – pretty much the same as Marvin. She is a devoted housewife & loves him deeply.. She does forgive him but will make him pay later.

Hooker – a petite sexy scantily clad passed out call girl.

Diana – normally an emotionally secure English actress that is having Oscar jitters. She is in love with Sidney.

Sidney – a handsome English antique dealer who is gay. He is Diana’s beard & he loves her but like a sister.

Mort & Beth – a Chicago married couple.

Stu & Gert – a Chicago married couple.

All 4 vacation together and a tennis game could end their friendship!