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By Lynn Nottage
Directed by: Michelle Aguillon
Produced by: Jenny Fielding
Production Dates: May 19, 20, 26, 27, 28 and June 2, 3, 2023
Cast: Lisa Miller-Gillespie, Angela Courtney Rossi, Trevor Gerard Frederick, Victoria (Vicki) Lee, Shani Farrell, Dustin Teuber & Jon Nuquist

A 70-year journey through the life of Vera Stark, a headstrong Black maid and budding actress – a funny and irreverent look at racial stereotypes during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Vera Stark works as a maid to Gloria Mitchell, an aging movie star grasping at her fading career. As Gloria fades more, Vera becomes more noticeable. Rubbing shoulders with studio heads and movie directors, Vera lands a prominent role in a costume epic starring Gloria. Vera’s portrayal of a slave turns out to be groundbreaking and career-making. However, decades later scholars and film buffs still argue about Vera’s legacy in Hollywood, and the impact that race had on her controversial career. Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Lynn Nottage uses the pace and satire of 1930s movie comedies to take you on a seventy-year journey through Vera’s life and the cultural climate that shaped her.

Stage Manager: Monica Bruno
Set Design: Michelle Aguillon, Gabbie Hatcher, Nick Gould
Lighting Design: Bruce Pennypacker
Sound Design: Lennie Chasse
Costume Design: Jenny Fielding & Isabella Ghiozzi
Hair & Makeup Design: Jeanne Callahan
Photography: Jon Sachs

Projection Assistant: Jon Nuquist
Video Editing: Andrew Gerzon
Dramaturgy: Susan Harrington
Assistant Director: Jenny Fielding
Props: Libby Ostrofsky
Female Understudy for Gloria: Jenny Fielding
Male Understudy for Max/Slasvik/Peter/Brad: Gregory Kleciak



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