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All In The Timing

by David Ives

Director: Donna Corbett & Mary Ellen Macri
Production Dates: OCTOBER 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19 2024
Audition Dates: JUNE 2 & 3 No Callbacks Planned

Six diverse but equally hysterical one-act comedies, by David Ives!  All are witty, romantic, a bit absurd but promise a existentially-minded evening of theatre!

Sure Thing. Two people meet in a café and find their way through a conversational minefield as an offstage bell interrupts their false starts, gaffes, and faux pas on the way to falling in love. (1 man, 1 woman.)

Words, Words, Words recalls the philosophical adage that three monkeys typing into infinity will sooner or later produce Hamlet and asks: What would monkeys talk about at their typewriters? (2 men, 1 woman.)

The Universal Language brings together Dawn, a young woman with a stutter, and Don, the creator and teacher of Unamunda, a wild comic language. Their lesson sends them off into a dazzling display of hysterical verbal pyrotechnics—and, of course, true love. (2 men, 1 woman.)

Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread is a parodic musical vignette in trademark Glassian style, with the celebrated composer having a moment of existential crisis in a bakery. (2 men, 2 women.)

The Philadelphia presents a young man in a restaurant who has fallen into “a Philadelphia,” a Twilight Zone-like state in which he cannot get anything he asks for. (2 men, 1 woman.)

Variations on the Death of Trotsky shows us the Russian revolutionary on the day of his demise, desperately trying to cope with the mountain-climber’s axe he’s discovered in his head. (2 men, 1 woman.)

The characters:

Betty – Woman in café

Bill – Man who begins conversation with woman in café

Dawn – Student with stutter

Don – Creator and teacher of Unamunda language

Swift – Male monkey at typewriter

Milton – Male monkey at typewriter

Kafka – Female monkey at typewriter

Mark – At café with Al

Al – At café with Mark

Waitress – Taking Al & Mark’s orders at café

Baker – Likes bread

1st Woman – Bakery Patron

2nd Woman – Bakery Patron

Phillip Glass – Composer

Leon Trotsky – Russian Revolutionary

Mrs. Trotsky – Leon’s wife

Ramon Mercader – Assassin


The goal is to have a unique actor for each role – but we are pragmatic as may need to double roles and have more actors on stage without lines at times.  Actors will be moving basic and generic set pieces in between each play.

Please use Signup Genius  if you plan to audition. No specific slots. Just which night you plan to audition.

Readings will be from the script with a few fun articles!







If you have any questions please contact donnacorbett@aol.com

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