Auditions Suburban Holidays V

Auditions for Suburban Holidays V are October 9th and 10th at 7PM at QP Theater

This annual new play festival features some of the best, brand-new holiday plays, and most are written by very talented local playwrights!

Production Dates: November 25, 26, 27 and December 1, 2, 3, 2016

Auditions will consist of readings from the scripts. If you would like an electronic copy of the scripts, please contact Patrick Cleary at

Roles are many!  Twenty and counting!

Get Closer, by Lolly Ward
Mama Maria (f): Age 75
Donna (f): Age 55
Lois (f) Age 52
Star (f): Age 29
Penny (f): Age 24

A Teacher’s Carol, by Brittany Daley
Many characters, including Santa, 7 Reindeer, Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, Mayor of  Whoville, an Elf, Ugly Sweater person … with folks doubling up on roles!

Ms. Claus, by Patrick Gabridge
Larry: 25-60, on the selection committee for the new Santa Claus
Barry: 45+, also on the selection committee, a former Santa
Harry: 35+, also on the committee, a hard-line conservative when it comes to Santa
Tina: 30s-40s, determined to be the next Santa

Auld Acquaintance, by Adam Heroux
Detective Beckett Cawley (M): an erudite yet insufferably long-winded and grandstanding detective
Colonel Shuttlesworth (M): gruff, no-nonsense ex-military man who made his fortune in munitions during WWII
Lady Pilkington (F): a wealthy widow with a withering sense of sarcasm
Ilyana Ruskova (F): the classic Russian femme fatale — or is she?
Ollie Cox (M): street-wise Cockney who made good working on the docks, always seen eating an apple with a trusty jackknife
Billingsley (M): manservant, reserved and aloof but unfailing in his service

Liquid Love, by Robert Scott Sullivan
Jillian (F)
Coffee (M)
Wine (M)

Secret Santa, by Amanda O’Donnell
Kelly (F) age 25: adorable but bossy
Lauren (F) age 17: Kelly’s sister. snarky but sincere
Greg (M) Age 25: Kelly’s boyfriend
Zach (M) Age 20: Kelly and Lauren’s brother. Missing his boyfriend
Mom & Dad (F, M): Parents to Lauren, Kelly & Zach
Santa/Lex (M) Age 20: Mysterious Santa, who turns out to be someone special

Pineapple Girl, by Patrick Cleary
Casey (F) Age 15: A high school girl into nerdy things
Anne Marie/Ada (F) Age 30s-40s: Casey’s mother, also plays a computer voice
Jaye (F) Age not specified: Time-traveling historian from the future
Ruth Wakefield (F) age 35+: Inventor of the chocolate chip cookie
Euphemia Allen (F) age 17+: Composer of the song, “Chopsticks”

A Birthday Is Not a Holiday, by Peter Cosmas Sofronas
Chris (M) Age 50+: A man whose birthday falls on Christmas Day
Sarah (F) Age 40+: Chris’ wife, who loves Christmas celebrations


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