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Love is a Blue Tick Hound

By Audrey Cefaly
Directed by: Celia Couture
Produced by: J Mark Baumhardt
Production Dates: Streaming April 29-May 2, 2021 – Reserve on showtix4u.com
Cast: Margaret McCarty, Jenn Shotkin, Allison Rudmann Putnam, Jason Myatt, Shawna Ciampa & Craig Ciampa

Make your reservations on showtix4u.com for Love is a Blue Tick Hound:  Three short plays by Audrey Ceflay


Fin and Euba: Featuring Margaret McCarty as Euba and Jenn Shotkin as Fin

Fin and Euba find two roommates who meet in their landlady’s gnome-invested garden for a smoke. Whimsical bunnies and cement animals serve as a stark counterpoint to their dull lives, yet  Euba has a possible way out. To open the letter from Life Magazine or not becomes a tug of war with the two and a tug of war with dreams themselves versus reality. Does it contain a job offer or a dream-killing rejection form?

Clean: Featuring Allison Rudmann Putnam as Lina and Jason Myatt as Roberto

Lina’s a wisecracking waitress who begins the play flat on her back, both as a metaphor for her life and because she just slipped on the floor, she mopped. Roberto, the Italian dishwasher, discovers her on the floor. Much of the first few minutes of the play has Lina Prone on her back delivering her lines to the ceiling; she’s fed up with her life and doesn’t care who knows it, and we’re in her corner from the get-go.

What we see before she does is that Roberto is head over heels for her, and the blossoming romance between them is sweet and perfectly ordinary and quite extraordinary.

Stuck: Featuring Shawna Ciampa and Craig Ciampa

Stuck shows us dating in the year RIGHT NOW. Having met online, this is Bob and Maggies’s second date—the first was an informal coffeehouse meetup—but Maggie moves way too fast for Bob, and it’s genuinely funny. Maggie is a real whack job—but one with heart, and feelings, and fears that are all too familiar to anyone who has ever gone out on a limb to make a good first impression. Bob even endures having his ear pierced.

Videographers:  Jon Sachs and Iain Bason