Auditions for All My Sons

All My Sons

Audition Dates:
Monday, March 14th at 7:00pm
Tuesday, March 15th at 7:00pm
Callbacks: Thursday, March 17th at 7:00pm

Location: Colonial Chorus Players, 1249 Main St. Reading, MA

For more information, contact the Director, Mark Baumhardt, at

Production Dates: May 20 – June 4.

Soon after returning home from the war, Chris Keller tells his father Joe that he plans to marry childhood friend Ann Deever. Ann is the former fiancè of Chris’s brother Larry, who is declared missing during the war and presumed dead. Joe is concerned that Chris’s mother Kate will not take this news well, because she has not accepted Larry’s death. During the war, Joe and his partner Steve (Ann’s father) ran a machine shop that sent out defective airplane parts resulting in 21 planes going down. Joe was acquitted of the charges, but Steve was sent to prison. Joe claims to have been sick the day the defective parts were sent out. Ann’s brother George shows up and demands that Ann return with him to Chicago. Chris begins to doubt his father in the face of George’s probing questions. The truth about the family business, family relationships, and Larry’s fate bring this epic American Drama to a tense conclusion. The story is the quintessence of the classic American drama. As timely today as the day it was written. The heart of the story is family. To what lengths will you go to keep a secret? To what lengths will you go to save your family? If your actions hurt the ones you love, will they forgive you? Will you forgive yourself?

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. Familiarity with the material is encouraged, but not required.

Character descriptions as follows:
NOTE: Ages are based on believability of relationships.

Joe Keller (45-65) – The charming, congenial, and bombastic patriarch. Uneducated, but street smart. Stubborn, but proud. Volatile, yet lovable. What lengths will he go to protect his family?

Kate Keller (45-65) – The slightly nervous, yet loyal matriarch. Caring, yet troubled. Loving, yet bitter. She is filled with hope, yet carries a secret.

Chris Keller (30-40) – The intelligent and head-strong son. He’s charismatic, yet carries doubt. He is idealistic and naive. He’s in love, yet conflicted.

Ann Deever (30-40) – Chris’s fiancè. Formerly engaged to Chris’s brother Larry. Intelligent and cunning. Ambitious and practical. Level-headed, yet emotional. She is in love, but are there other motives?

George Deever (30-45) – Ann’s brother. Successful attorney, yet lonely. Socially repressed and scared. Easily charmed. Unsure of his life choices. Righteous.

Frank Lubey (30-45) – The neighbor. He married George’s high school sweetheart. A kind, simple family man. He is into horoscopes. Avoids trouble. Insecure.

Lydia Lubey (30-45) – Frank’s wife. George’s former girlfriend. The one that got away. Cheerful. Happily domestic. A bit ditzy. Helpful. The perfect neighbor.

Jim Bayliss (35-50) – The neighbor. A family doctor with ambitions to do more. He is stifled by domestic life. A straight shooter with a dry sense of humor. A friend. Admires Joe, yet something is not quite right.

Sue Bayliss (35-50) – Jim’s wife. Caustic yet charming. Resentful yet friendly. . Suspicious of the Keller’s. Cunning. A straight shooter you do not want on your bad side.

Bert (8-11) – Neighborhood boy that has befriended Joe. A boy with a strong imagination. (Bert appears in two scenes.)


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