Auditions for Noises Off

by Michael Frayn
Directed by Patrick Cleary

Audition Dates: September 18 and 19, 2011 at 7 PM
Production Dates: November 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, and December 2 and 3, 2011

There are 7 slamming doors, 1 breaking window, 10 trips up and down stairs, 17 false entrances, 73 flubbed lines, 46 missed cues, 22 double entendres, 3 love triangles and a million laughs, all while trying to find a missing plate of sardines! This wonderful English farce about a terrible English farce is the craziest comedy to ever hit the stage.

These are group auditions (no appointment is required), consisting of cold readings from the script. No monologues are necessary. Bring a head shot or resume if you have one. If not, we’ll be taking audition photos on-site and will have audition forms available to you.

Cast of Characters:

Lloyd Dallas: The director, smart, frustrated, passive aggressive and condescending. After only two weeks rehearsal Lloyd is struggling to get show through its last rehearsal just hours before opening.

Dotty Otley: This lovable, fading sitcom star has put all of her life savings into the show. She is playing the same type of part here that she has played for years. Dotty is constantly forgetting her lines, entrances and props and has a thing for younger men. She also has a spiteful side. Plays Mrs. Clackett, the housekeeper.

Garry Lejeune: Garry takes himself very seriously and is easily excited into a jealous rage when it comes to Dotty. Despite this Garry’s heart is in the right place and amidst the absolute chaos of Act Two and Act Three he is always working to keep the show going in some form or another. He also has a habit of not finishing his sentences…you know? Plays Roger Tramplemain.

Fredrick Fellowes: A bumbling, over thinking actor with a heart of gold. Has a penchant for getting himself in trouble due to his talent for being entirely clueless. Freddy gets terrible nosebleeds at the thought of violence and faints at the mention or sight of blood. Plays Philip Brent.

Belinda Blair: The sweet, cast gossip, always seems to be in the know and loves to let everyone know it. Works overtime to try and salvage the show during Act Two. Plays Flavia Brent.

Brooke Ashton: Sexy, sweet and a wonderful yet inflexible actress. When she’s not performing she is entirely self-absorbed and absolutely clueless to what’s happening around her. She is completely blind without her contacts, which coincidentally are always falling out. Plays Vicki. (NOTE: Role requires actress to be in underwear onstage.)

Poppy Norton-Taylor: The Stage Manager with a big secret that is revealed in Act Two. Trying her best to keep the disaster that is Nothing On from falling apart at the seams.

Tim Algood: The trusty Company Manager. Eager to please everyone and constantly sleep deprived. At the top of the play Tim has not slept in over 48 hours. He is also the understudy for everyone.

Selsdon Mowbray: An elderly, recovering alcoholic with a penchant for missing entrances, forgetting lines and disappearing entirely. Chaos and comedy ensue when bottles of whiskey start appearing backstage. Plays the Burglar.


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