Auditions Comic Potential

Directed by Gordon Ellis

Auditions: Sunday November 16 and Monday 17 2014 at 7PM

Production Dates: January 23, 24, 30, 31 & February 1, 6, 7, 2015

Alan Ayckbourn’s  romantic comedy with a twist, Comic Potential is the often funny and heartwarming tale of a young man and his forbidden courtship with an android. Set in the not-too-distant future where low budget television has replaced live human actors with “actoids”, the story revolves around a young writer, Adam, who discovers one such actoid (JC-F31-333) with a special sense of humor all her own. Feeling he can build a new show around her unique talents, he joins with a jaded, once legendary director to teach his budding young star the staples of physical comedy. But it’s not all pratfalls and spit-takes, as a meddling and jealous corporate executive has plans to kill the entire project and have “Jacie” reprogrammed. With his career on the line, Adam takes Jacie on a mad dash for freedom that will teach them both what love really feels like.


JACIE TRIPLETHREE (20’s) – An “actoid”, which is to say an android programmed to serve in a variety of low-budget TV series, she has begun to develop human qualities, the most prominent of which is a sense of humor.

ADAM TRAINSMITH (20’s) – A pleasant and affable dreamer. He has an appreciation for the classics of American cinematic comedy and an earnest desire to bring it back.

CHANDLER TATE (50’s-60’s) – A once proud director of American films now reduced to ordering around robots and technicians instead of actual actors. Bitter and sarcastic with a scathing tongue, he’s nonetheless inspired by this chance to bring back the golden age of comedy.

CARLA PEPPERBLOOM (40’s-50’s) – A power hungry corporate executive with a taste for younger men and no sense of humor. She’s used to getting her way and not particularly fond of being challenged.

PRIM SPRING (20’s-40’s) – A computer programmer responsible for programming the various actoids. Polite, perhaps even to a fault, and a tad bit skittish under pressure. Currently involved in a lesbian relationship with her co-worker Trudi.

TRUDI FLOOTE (20’s-40’s) – The on-set technician, she’s in charge of the more mechanical aspects of the actoids and overall studio environment. A bit more jaded and cooler under fire than her life partner, Prim.

ENSEMBLE – MALE (40’s-50’s) This actor will play a variety of roles including: an actoid (“Father”/”Farmer”), a pimp, and a waiter.

ENSEMBLE – FEMALE (40’s-50’s) – This actress will play a variety of roles including: an actoid (“Mother”/”Farmer’s Wife”), a prostitute, a department store clerk, and a waiter

ENSEMBLE – MALE (20’s-30’s) This actor will play a variety of roles including: an actoid (“Young Man”), an impatient boyfriend, and the special assistant to a rich old man.

ENSEMBLE – FEMALE (20’s-30’s) – This actress will play a variety of roles including: a rich old man, a hard-to-please young girl, a hotel desk clerk, and a studio technician.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. Sides will be made available prior to the auditions for those who wish to prepare. For more information please contact the director at


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