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Time Stands Still

by Donald Margulies

Director: J. Mark Baumhardt
Production Dates: MARCH 24, 25, 31 and APRIL 1, 2, 7 & 8 2023
Audition Dates: AUDITIONS: December 5 & 6, 2022 @ 7:00pm CALLBACKS: December 8 @ 7:00pm at Quannapowitt Playhouse 55 Hopkins Street Reading

When a journalist couple’s own story takes a sudden turn, they have to process what they have experienced and try to heal both emotionally and physically.  Sarah and James are forced to examine their own relationship and way of life following a visit from their best friend Richard and his new young girlfriend Mandy.

Is it possible for two people – who are used to living in dangerous conditions –  carve out a normal life? Can they stay together amidst unspoken betrayals, PTSD, and conflicting ideals?

A rare play that encompasses universal issues and personal problems with equal compassionate insight. A splendid theatrical experience culminates in the author’s taking no sides and providing no easy answers.  – John Simon, Bloomberg News

Insightful writing, the work is smart, stylish, timely, and layered with an intriguing seriousness that inspires discussion after the curtain comes down – a rarity these days.  – Michael Kuchwara, Associated Press

Mr. Margulies is gifted at creating complex characters through wholly natural interactions, allowing the emotional layers, the long histories, the hidden kernels of conflict to emerge organically. Throughout, his dialogue crackles with bright wit and intelligence. – Charles Isherwood, New York Times



Auditions are by appointment only. Will post SignupGenius form when available here.  Will be sending the audition sides in advance to your email from SignupGenius. 

*If you have a conflict with the audition dates, contact the director @mbaumhardt@verizon.net

Familiarity with the script is encouraged.

Diverse and inclusive cast needed:  All age ranges listed are what the character needs to read on stage.

Character descriptions: 

Sarah Goodwin (35-49): Driven and passionate. Independent. A hardened photojournalist who thrives on adventure and a sense of purpose. Intelligent, brave, yet vulnerable. An artist. Seriously injured in Iraq when she returns home.

James Dodd (35-49): Sarah’s partner. Self-righteous. Smart, but facing a crisis of identity. A good match for Sarah’s wit and bite. A freelance journalist. An artist. Left Iraq after a road-side bombing incident shook him up. Vulnerable and loyal.

Richard Ehrlich (50+): Loving and loyal. Long-time photo editor and close friend to both Sarah and Richard. A mensch. Smart with a shrewd and pragmatic business sense. Happy in a relationship for the first time in a long time.

Mandy Bloom (25-35): Richard’s new girlfriend. Naive and innocent. In love with Richard. Open. Smarter than she lets on. Eager to please. Listens intently, with an eagerness to learn. Wants to fit in.

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