Auditons Suburban Holidays Playwright Festival

Sunday, September 23, 2012 and Monday, September 24, 2012 at 7:30PM at the QP Playhouse.

Actors of all ages are required. Detailed character descriptions and PDFs of all the plays are available by contacting Patrick Cleary at Printed copies of the scripts will be available in the Playhouse lobby.

Production dates DECEMBER 6, 8, 14 and 16 2012

Thanksgiving When You’re Dating Matt Damon by Lisa Burdick (3f, 3m):

SUSAN 25-30 – Mary and Frank’s daughter

MARY (Mom) 50ish

FRANK (Dad) 50ish

JOE 60ish

ED 60ish

LINDA 35-40

White Kwanzaa by Daniel Glenn (4f)

MARGARITA 30s-50s (age flexible)

DEBRA 30s-50s (age flexible)

DENISE 30s-50s (age flexible)

KIM 30s-50s (age flexible)

The Bench by Julie Perkins (1f, 1m)

SAM Late 70s

HELEN Late 70s

To be Directed by Patrick Cleary

Production dates DECEMBER 7, 9, 13, and 15 2012:

12 Days by John Kuntz (monologue, 1m)

ADULT MALE (age not specified)

Sunflower’s Last Thanksgiving by Sarah Morrison (2f, 3m, 1hamster):

A ten year old girl. Bubbly and precocious. Adopted from China at the age of one.

JEREMY PETERSEN A young man of eighteen. Returning home from his first semester of college. Hasn’t told his parents he’s gay yet.

CAROLINE PETERSEN A woman in her late forties. The kind of woman who buys scrapbooking supplies but never makes a scrapbook.

LOUIS PETERSEN A slightly overweight man in his early fifties. Jolly and sarcastic. The sort of man who changes into sweatpants as soon as he gets home.

CARLOS RIVERA Jeremy’s boyfriend. Almost twenty. Studying to be a dancer, and moves with a lot of grace. Came out at fourteen.

SUNFLOWER April’s pet hamster. She is a Chinese Dwarf Hamster. Should be played by a real hamster, if possible.

Suburban Holidays by Patrick Cleary (3f, 3m):

MARY 20s. A college student home for the holidays.

JIM 20s. Mary’s boyfriend, staying at her parent’s house over Christmas break.

NANA 70s-80s. A woman suffering from Alzheimer’s.

PAPA 70s-80s. Nana’s husband.

MOM 40s-50s. A woman in a troubled marriage.

DAD 40s-50s. Mom’s husband. Trying to make a decision.

To be Directed by Donna Corbett


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