Auditions Terra Nova

Terra Nova By Ted Tally

Directed by Michelle M. Aguillon

Auditions: SEPTEMBER Monday 17 & Wednesday 19, 2018 Callbacks To Be Announced.

Auditions by appointment only. Starting at 7pm. Contact the Michelle to schedule. Cold readings will be used at auditions, please be familiar with the play.  Actors of all ethnicities and ages are encouraged to audition. The character do require British accents.

Production Dates: JANUARY 25, 26 and FEBRUARY 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 2019


Captain Robert Falcon Scott 40s
Leader of the Expedition; very much a product of the Royal Navy; projects confidence, but inwardly lacks self-confidence.

Roald Amundsen 40s-60s
Norwegian leading a team racing the Scott expedition to the South Pole; a man who has spent his life preparing for polar expeditions; very strong personality, seems cold and unforgiving, but is inwardly quite moved by the human tragedy around him.

Kathleen Bruce Scott 30s
A strong, powerful presence who cannot be denied; she is an accomplished sculptor, who has spent much of her adult life among the Paris art community and the bohemian elite; she is Scott’s pillar of strength, and desperately wants a son by him, a son who will be heroic and titled.

Lieutenant Henry Robertson ‘Birdie’ Bowers 30s-40s
A product of the Royal Indian Marine Navy (a fast response branch of the Royal Navy, to protect India, Burma, and other British territories in the Asia Pacific); very detailed, excellent navigator, loves a good joke.

Dr. Edward Adrian ‘Bill’ Wilson 40s-50s
The quiet strength of the Scott team; a naturalist, artist, and physician; he is the only member of the team to whom Scott will confide his inner fears.

Captain Lawrence Edward Grace ‘Titus’ Oates 40s
A highly-decorated Army Cavalry officer who was severely wounded in war; the only Army officer on the team, he differs with Scott on many aspects of leadership and the expedition logistics; ultimately, he manifests the ultimate sacrifice.

Petty Officer Edgar Evans 30s-40s
Physically the strongest member of the team, his value to the team is dramatically compromised by a critical injury to his hand.

Terra Nova tells the story of the disastrous Robert Scott race with Norwegian Roald Amundsen to be the first to the South Pole in the early 20th century forms the dramatic core of this Obie-winning play. With chilling intensity, it captures the awesome bravery of men, driven by the British code of honor and pride, and by Scott’s aristocratic sense of destiny and command.

Drawn from the journals and letters found on the frozen body of Captain Scott, the action of the play blends scenes of the explorer and his men at various stages of their ordeal, with flashbacks of Scott and his young wife, and with fateful glimpses of his Norwegian rival, Roald Amundsen, whose party beat him to the South Pole. Refusing the use of sled dogs as unsporting, Scott and his team struggle to drag their heavy gear across a frozen wasteland, only to find that Amundsen has preceded them to their goal.

But it is the tragic trip back, as the members of the expedition die one by one, capturing with chilling intensity, the bravery of men who must accept the bitter knowledge that suffering, and death will be the only reward for their heroism.


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