Auditions Deathtrap


Directed by Russell R Greene

June 24th and 25th  at 7 PM. Callbacks will be held following the Open Call on the 25th.

Deathtrap opens Friday, September 13th, 2013 (nice touch, no?) and runs September 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28

Readings from the script will be used so it is strongly recommended that those auditioning are familiar with the text/plot. To request a copy of the script or if you have any questions please contact the Director, Russell R. Greene at

How far will someone go to have a hit play? If Ira Levin is to be believed, they will go all the way, some paying the ultimate price…

Sydney, the one mega-hit wonder, is in desperate need of another theatrical ‘hit’ to secure his legacy. Age 40-60, polished, dashing, cravat-wearing kind of guy. Very physical, requires 2 fights, falling on floor and carrying bodies. He is ‘on stage’ even when he is home. Must convince us he is capable of what he actually does. Believeable fight scenes. Clever, passionate, avarice and lust characteristics.

Myra, Sydney’s too loving and too caring wife, who will do whatever it takes to support her husband even though her heart is weak. Age match to Sydney. Sophisticated, but fits with her Martha Stewart like surroundings, some physicality – must die and fall to the floor, must be able to assist carrying a body. Sweet, caring, emotional, nervous, skittish.  Should not appear too dim, or stupid.  Sweet, supportive, too trusting and too loving characteristics.

Clifford, the handsome earnest grad student who has written the ‘next great stage thriller’ and looks to Sydney for guidance and tutoring. Age 25-35. Handsome glasses wearing, College-type look, wears sport coat with boots and jeans. Very physical. Requires 2 fights, falling on floor and stairs. Looks physically fit. He is sure he’s the smartest/best looking man in the room. He wears the mask so well he comes across as the victim and the almost victor. Believeable fight scenes. Calculating, confident, ambition and avarice characteristics.

Helga Van Ten Dorp, the all seeing psychic next door whose unworldly visions are just wee bit off the mark. Age 35-60+. She is quirky yet practical. Some physicality – a struggle at the end with the lawyer. She must be comical yet credible. A true believer but Clueless (sees the forest, still runs into the trees).

Porter, Sydney and Myra’s lawyer and friend, the voice of reason and caution. Age 50+, 3 piece Suit (tweed vest) and bow tie guy.Professional yet long-time personal friendSolid, observant, normal. Proves to be Human after all

What WILL Sydney do? Will Myra go along? Is Clifford all he appears to be? Is Helga for real or a nightclub act gone very wrong? Will anyone heed Porter’s advice?

Rehearsals to commence the week of July 14,


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