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PRODUCTION DATES May 16-18, 22-23, 30-31 2014

Bo is a street-savvy con-artist who is currently  in-between gigs. With the help of her sidekick Robbie she decides to perform a  little breaking-and-entering to fill the time and pay the bills until she can  get her con up and running again. The only problem is that when she enters the  apartment she had cased out as a prime target she finds that every item of  value and indeed every last scrap of furniture is gone. All that remains is a mattress,  some clothes, and a frightened woman named Ata, who somehow manages to secure.

Bo’s gun and turn the tables on the would-be burglar. Two women from opposite sides of society suddenly find themselves face-to-face and heart-to-heart only to discover that for all their differences they share one common trait: desperation. With the help of Robbie, the trio hatches a plan to steal back all of Ata’s belongings from the man who took them – her egotistical and bitter husband, Wib. That is if they can manage to get Ata to overcome her crippling fear of ever leaving the apartment.

A darkly funny play that is equal parts a clash of  cultures and a battle of the sexes, Criminal Hearts is a challenging comedy that puts its female characters  front and center and dares its audience to re-think what it knows about the  role of women in an ever-changing society.

CHARACTERS: Ages as suggested by the script. The director reserves the right to adjust as  needed.

ATA (mid-30’s) – Sweet but deeply neurotic, she is an agoraphobic who survives
on a diet of Dr. Pepper and delivery pizza. Though easily frazzled, she is the
owner of an immense inner strength that is merely waiting to be reached.

BO (32-40) – A street-smart grifter, she is the brains of any operation she
takes part in and holds no illusions about her lot in life. She is confident,
crude, and almost always one step ahead of the game. A woman who’s every word
could be – and usually is – a lie.

ROBBIE (25-45) – The getaway man, he has a fondness for beer, baseball, and
malt balls. A career criminal that knows his role and knows it well although
that may be all he knows.

WIB (35-45) – A man in the worst sense of the word, he is arrogant, vindictive,
and totally unshakeable. The kind of guy who will tell you exactly what he
wants because he’s convinced it’s what you want too.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. For more information please
contact the director at


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